Ian Fox, writing in Opera Magazine (March 2013)Opera March 2013

Il Combattimento di Tancredi

“The crusaders’ combat was turned into a battle of the sexes, elegantly and seductively enacted by Sarah Shine and Gyula Nagy, while Ciarán Kelly was the engaging narrator.”

“The RIAM Baroque Orchestra provided excellent accompaniment under David Adams.”

The Telephone

“Hanratty drew witty performances from both [Sarah McCourt and Rory Musgrave] in Vanek’s knowingly tacky ’40s living-room set, excellently lit by Sinéad McKenna.”

A Hand of Bridge

“Barber’s bridge players were well portrayed by Rebecca Rodgers, Gemma Ní Bhriain, Brian Gilligan and Gyula Nagy. Characterizations were beautifully apt, and, as with the whole evening, the effect was impressive.”

“Andrew Synott conducted both the American works superbly from the piano.”

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