Cast List


Debbie, Assistant Floor Manager: Louise Martyn 

Monica, Floor Manager (L’Armonia): Rebecca Rodgers

Storm, Assistant Floor Manager: Ecaterina Tulgara

Liz, Props: Olivia O’Carroll

Squeaky, Wardrobe Assistant: Michelle Smith

Hal, Director (Hariadeno): Shokri Raoof

Gloria, An Actress (Erisbe): Margaret Bridge

Nerillo, Make-up: Eoin Conway

Tyrone, An Actor (Ormindo): Andrew Gavin

Happy, An Actor (Amida): Seán Boylan

Faye, An Extra (Sicle): Sarah Brady

Rita, Catering (Erice): Richard Bridge

Melide, Wardrobe Supervisor: Robyn Richardson

Mirinda, PA to Gloria: Heather Fogarty 

Masseuse (Amore): Lorna Breen

Beautician (Venti/Messo): Callan Coughlan

Masseuse (Venti): Rory Lynch

Reflexologist (Venti/Osmano): Peter Manning

Cookie, Dogsbody (Fortuna): Carolyn Holt

Des, Lighting (Destino): Éimear McCarthy Luddy

Camera Operator: Carla Snow

Camera Operator: Katie O’Donohue 

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