OrmindoMichael Lee writing for online music magazine

“The music, expertly directed from the harpsichord by David Adams, is sung well throughout by all the cast, with fine, intelligent performances from Gavin, Boylan and Margaret Bridge.”

“Sarah Brady excels in the other principal role of Sicle (‘Faye’): this character, with her grieving laments and witty interventions, is a gift to any lyric soprano, and Brady sings it beautifully.”

“Opera of this early vintage employs a wider variety of voice types than later conventions allow, and here provides opportunities to countertenor Eoin Conway – with his brilliant, if severe account of Nerillo – and tenor Richard Bridge, who takes on the cross-dressing nurse role of Erice (‘Rita’) with robust directness.”

“The costume and set design, by students of the Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dún Laoghaire, provide vivid colour and imagination to this surprising, quirky opera which, if nothing else, celebrates the triumph of wit, love and art.”

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